MComp® Specialised FRP Surface Sheets

Whether installed over existing grating or used as a non-slip surface, or as a decorative panel, we can customise the surface finish of FRP sheet to meet your requirements. MComp® FRP sheet  is manufactured by laminating sheets of fiberglass mats with high quality resin systems. An additional layer of gelcoat is applied to enhance the surface cosmetic finish and for better protection against UV. Utilising suitable resin systems such as Polyester, Vinylester, etc. composite plates can be manufactured to resist highly toxic and acidic chemicals.

Gritted Surface
 Embedded Logo Surface
 Wood Texture Surface
Diamond Covered/Chequer Surface
Smooth Surface

Due to the wide variety of products and variations available in our range, the following specifications should be considered as a guide only. Please contact us directly for more accurate product qualities and performance ratings.

  • Standard Panel Size
    1200mm x 2400mm
    (Diamond Covered/Chequer Surface)
    1800mm x 2400
    (Gritted Surface & Smooth Surface)
  • Thickness
    Standard product range can be manufactured to literally any thickness from 2mm upward.
  • Colour
    Black,grey,green and yellow colour as a standard. A colour match service is also available.
  • Resin System
    Orthopthalic Polyester Resin, Isopthalic Polyester Resin, Isopthalic Fire-Retardant Polyester Resin and Vinyl Ester Resin

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